Introduction to Bespoke Services

‘Bespoke’ is a term used globally for custom-made products or services. While it was traditionally applied to custom-tailored clothing, this term has been extended to other industries today. As part of our bespoke service, our artisanal florists will work closely with you to ensure that all your needs, preferences and expectations are being met.

Why our clients love us

Manita Bidaud, May 2017

Sukri Kadola is the best I know with flowers. He is not a florist. He’s an artist by nature, each floral work is a masterpiece by itself. Even the minute flower or leaf gets a moment to shine under his hands. I have seen him work, it has thought me meanings of patience and happiness, because he is always one. I am so proud of #Bloem, and Sukri for staying true to his passion, for doing what he loves.

Bernice Tan

Thanks for the lovely succulent bouquet, with matching boutonniere and hair accessory! It stayed very secure throughout the whole wedding and even survived the bouquet toss. Potted the succulents after the event and now I have a succulent planter to display at home.